Soft skills


In Communication skills we train the learner to practice the fine art of communication. Having good communication skills facilitates the learner to gain an edge at the work place and in personal life.

This course is designed to aid the learner to focus on communication style. It is a highly customized course for young Professional Managers to improve their written and oral communication skills. The focus is on

  1. Speech
  2. Expression

In Speech the concentration is on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and speaking fluency which trains the learner to be clear, concise, and speak effectively. In Expression, the skills required in work place and meetings is focused on Body language, Presentation skills, skills used in negotiations(Business), on the telephone, E-Mail and Report writing.

The classes are innovative and interactive. The methods used are various activities and exercises. In order to develop confidence and raise the level of proficiency in students the trainer provides personal guidelines, tips and encouragement.


The question arises what makes one stand apart from others? What makes an individual confident who is appreciated and respected? Personality development covers a range of topics very essential to make an individual unique impressive and outstanding are the Interpersonal skills for better interaction with individuals in any rank of life. Body language goes a long way in grooming an individual from everyday life situations to presentations and public appearances. Etiquette in any area of one’s life is vital; it is being gracious and polite in social, professional and family situations be it Telephone, Dinning or E-Mail Etiquette we conduct sessions in any required area. E-mail Etiquette which is used in e-mails for corporate communication and also for professionalism, it helps to convey a professional image of the company. Other skills such as Stress Management, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Leadership skills are all highly personalized and modified as per the individual.


The present day employment world is extremely competitive. It is necessary than ever to have strong convincing interview skills. If the candidates fall short of a good impression it could cost them an opportunity. The ability to answer any tough and challenging question or what to say and how to speak at the interview will decide the achievement of the candidate.

Interview skills training will train the candidate how to perform at the interview

  • Preparation for the interview.
  • Interview Etiquette tips be it in – person, phone interview or even dining interview
  • Drawing out the best qualities, of listening, speaking, questioning, responding etc…
  • How to converse in an interview and how to convince the interviewer that he/she is the best person for the job.
  • The practice how to calm nerves and approach interviews calmly and confidently.
  • Things one says or do not say at Interview.
  • Resume skills

Training at IEA will certainly help the candidate to identify the area where he/she can improve.The feedback that the candidate will receive from the training will indeed be invaluable to the candidate’s interview performance and job search.