English Courses

Basic Level  I

Basic level I is an optimal course for beginners who do not have any exposure to the language. It is an effective way to begin the English journey. The classes consists of interesting practice activities that are simple and easy to understand and do.

The emphasis in this course is for the participants to gain confidence in speaking the language required for day to day interactions.

The learner is encouraged to talk on simple topics and the trainer facilitates the student to construct correct sentences, enhancing the flow in speech.

Reading practices are an integral part of this program. The progress of every student is closely monitored. By the end of the course the learner gains the confidence required to move on to the next level.

Basic Level  II

Basic level II course facilitates the learner to develop further the grammar knowledge through exercises and to speak with increased confidence level. Significant focus is given to the conversation practises as well. Periodic assessment tests are conducted to ensure the spoken English concepts and the understanding of the grammar concepts are well ingrained.

In the conversation classes the learner applies the knowledge grammar gained to communicate effectively in a various practical situations. To help the learner to build good conversational skills for speaking, concrete vocabulary is taught creatively through demonstration, objects, pictures or situations. These activities facilitate the learner to express more proficiently in any situation.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level is customized for learners who are at a fairly good level in English. It is for learners desiring to raise their level of English for higher studies, personal or professional reasons. Intermediate grammar and conversation improves their proficiency in English. It helps the learner to communicate adequately in complex business situations.

English grammar at a higher level is fairly challenging and all its intricacies must be really understood. This understanding is achieved by interactive methods where by the learner is able to identify the different parts of speech or incorrectly used grammar.

In the Conversation classes there are various innovative activities organized like debates, role-plays, speeches, presentations, and group discussions. The trainer uses authentic reading and writing material like newspapers, magazines, and reviews. These varied activities enhance the competency in English with a strong emphasis on speaking.

Our trainers determine the interest of the learners, serve as facilitators and involve active student participation. The trainers are well organized and highly systematic with content, delivery and with clear objectives. The entire training is learner centric.

Advance English

This course is primarily for senior professionals and students who have already achieved a good level of mastery over the language and are seeking to enhance their language skills.

Advanced English Grammar and Conversation classes empower the students to work at a much more complex and sophisticated way of speaking and writing.


In Communication skills we train the learner to practice the fine art of communication. Having good communication skills facilitates the learner to gain an edge at the work place and in personal life.

This course is designed to aid the learner to focus on communication style. It is a highly customized course for young Professional Managers to improve their written and oral communication skills. The focus is on

  1. Speech
  2. Expression

In Speech the concentration is on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and speaking fluency which trains the learner to be clear, concise, and speak effectively. In Expression, the skills required in work place and meetings is focused on Body language, Presentation skills, skills used in negotiations(Business), on the telephone, E-Mail and Report writing.

The classes are innovative and interactive. The methods used are various activities and exercises. In order to develop confidence and raise the level of proficiency in students the trainer provides personal guidelines, tips and encouragement.


There is a significant focus on Phonetics, which deals with the sounds of human speech. Emphasis is also given to “Articulation” which helps the learner produce sounds, words and sentences and express oneself clearly and engage in complex conversations.

Rate of Speech, Understanding and Training in British and American Accent, are all important elements of speech.